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Group & Private Sessions available

Group Energy Sessions online:

Approximately 1 hour.

€60 / US$ 60 per month for weekly sessions (cancel whenever you wish)

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Group Energy orgasm Sessions online:

Approximately 1 hour.

€80 / US$ 80 per month for weekly sessions (cancel whenever you wish)

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Private sessions (Online or in person)

Energy Healing and/or Shaktipat

Single 1 hour Session Session: €111 / US$ 111

Single 2 hour Session Session: €200 / US$ 200

Pack of 4 Sessions : €700 / US$ 700

Our expert energy sessions offer you a unique inward journey of transformation. So many people today recognise the need for change in their lives however they are always looking outward for answers, lacking clarity on what truly needs addressing. This approach to energy work involves unlocking energy held within the body. The tension created by a lake of flow obstructs thought patterns, it creates belief structures, and misguided self-perceptions.

As energy accumulates and vibrates more it facilitates a communication between the body, mind and spirit. This allows individuals to gain insight into their internal world, uncovering unprocessed feelings and trauma stored in the body, as well as ineffective beliefs that hinder personal growth. In turn this enables them to grow. Through our energy healing sessions, you’ll be opened up to a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The first steps of the process are to de-armour and release emotional to then allow ourselves to grow energetically and spiritually.

Many people talk about Kundalini Activation these days yet they have not the slightest idea what Kundalini is about. If you are seeking a true awakening then take my 52 week course where we not only prepare properly but you will be guided through the process if you choose to continue once the preparation work is done and know the risks. This course will also turn you into a healer yourself to then help others.

However to start off the process of opening chakras, removing blocks and experimenting higher consciousness then you can join a few sessions to feel what this is about and begin your process. It is not Kundalini awakening or activation as to truly awaken someones Kundalini without preparation would just well ….. how can I be polite here …. not a good idea. And Kundalini awakening is not a passive process like our healing sessions.

As you realign with your true self, you’ll be empowered to make authentic changes and live in alignment with your nature.

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us throughout your journey. If you find yourself encountering intense emotions or sensations, rest assured that you are fully supported. You are encouraged to take breaks, reflect, and tend to your needs, empowering you to navigate through your healing journey with grace and ease.

Feeling a blend of anticipation and nervousness before sessions is entirely natural, given the wealth of information available about energy alchemy and healing. Trust in your intuition and the purpose that led you to this space. Embrace your emotions with curiosity, knowing that they signal inner growth and transformation on the horizon.

During your sessions, Skeed utilizes specially crafted sound frequencies embedded in his music to facilitate profound energy work and enhance your experience. Surrender to these potent energies, allowing them to guide you toward renewal and liberation.

At The Awakening Energy, we believe in the power of surrender and self-discovery, transcending conventional practices while maintaining control over your journey. Your experience with us is sacred and unique, free from judgment or expectation. Our trainings will equip you with the skills to actively navigate and connect with your own energies, and should you choose, ascend to higher realms.

We are honored to accompany you on this transformative odyssey. Welcome to The Awakening Energy – where healing unfolds and the possibilities are limitless.

The Awakening Energy Experience is a holistic approach to healing and self-realization. Through a carefully curated blend of ancient energy practices, participants can over time:

  1. Prana Evolution: Harness the universal life force energy to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Tantra Integration: Explore the sacred union of energies within yourself, fostering a deeper connection to your true essence.
  3. Kundalini Awakening: Awaken the dormant energy at the base of your spine, unleashing a powerful force of spiritual growth and transformation. This is not Kundalini Activation.
  4. Light Body Alignment: Align with your highest self and expand your consciousness to embrace the unity of all things.

Along the path you can also:

  • Profound Insights: Gain clarity and wisdom as you delve into the depths of your being.
  • Heightened Intuition: Strengthen your intuitive abilities and trust your inner guidance.
  • Perceptual Shifts: Experience reality from a new perspective, free from limitations and preconceptions.
  • Emotional Empowerment: Expand your capacity for love, compassion, and emotional resilience.
  • Blissful States: Enter states of profound peace, joy, and contentment.
  • Oneness: Embrace the interconnectedness of all things and feel a deep sense of unity with the universe.

Are you ready to unleash the power of The Awakening Energy? Dive deep into the depths of your being, unlock your true potential, and embrace the fullness of life. Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation today.

Make no mistake this is a journey not an experience. This is not for thrill seekers but people who wish to discover truths. It will take time.

“This guy is the real deal!” C.

“I feel like I should have paid way more for this.” J

“He is more powerful than some gurus I have followed” Jane

“THIS IS TRUE MAGICK!!! im shocked sometimes, but i shouldn’t be! this is so beautiful and profound. I can listen to it over and over and it makes me cry for all different reasons. I feel like im in an ancient ritual in a cathedral. Its so complete and luxurious…. like this is the read deal.” Cali

“I am learning to navigate to the source. Your energy is powerful as always, thank you. <3” H.

I was absolutely amazed with yesterdays session. I don’t really remember if you shared any specific details what was it targeting, but if nothing else is to be said about it… I have to say at least this: For me, it was magical! When we were applying for the sessions, there was a question about what we are expecting of the sessions or sth. like it and I wrote that I would like to know what freedom feels like. It might sound strange, but it is what it is!

So yesterday, the feeling of freedom and joy was felt throughout my body while the energies were flowing. It almost felt like energies were playfully chasing each other on the inside of my body…and I shouldn’t forget the feeling of brain massage closer to the end of the session. That was amazing as well and quite unexpected. I felt extremely joyful and definitely free. It was in a way hard to understand/comprehend that feeling to be quite honest. …such lightness.

So I am writing you to thank you, and to let you know how extremely grateful I am to be able to participate. You are an amazing human!” Katarina

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