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Introduction to Beyond Kundalini Awakening

At The Awakening Energy, we offer the “Beyond Kundalini Awakening” course, which includes advanced practices like Shivapat (Touching Consciousness) and Samadhi. This course is designed for those who have already experienced Kundalini awakening and are ready to delve deeper into their spiritual journey.

What is Shivapat?

Shivapat, also known as Touching Consciousness, is a transformative practice that connects you with the divine energy of Shiva. This practice helps you achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. By participating in Shivapat, you can experience profound spiritual growth and transformation.

The Course Structure

The “Beyond Kundalini Awakening” course consists of 52 sessions, each lasting 2 hours. You can choose to complete the course over one year with weekly sessions or over six months with two sessions per week. This personalized one-on-one course allows for deep exploration and individualized guidance.

Course Benefits

  • Advanced Spiritual Practices: Dive deeper into your spiritual journey with advanced practices like Shivapat and Samadhi.
  • Personalized Guidance: Receive one-on-one guidance from Skeed, a seasoned spiritual guide with over 26 years of experience.
  • Flexible Schedule: Choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s weekly sessions over a year or bi-weekly sessions over six months.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Gain a thorough understanding of advanced spiritual practices and their applications.

How to Apply

Not everyone will be accepted for this course. Therefore, if you are interested, please click the application button below to apply. This course is priced at 15,000€ or approximately 16,000 US$. You can pay in 12 installments with extra commissions incurred.

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