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Integral Energy Program | A Comprehensive Online Energy Healing Course

Kundalini Activation, Spiritual Awakening, Tantra Energy, Shaktipat

Discover the Integral Energy Program at The Awakening Energy. Our comprehensive course includes Kundalini Activation, Spiritual Awakening, Tantra Energy, and Shaktipat practices. Join us to transform your life and achieve spiritual growth.


The Integral Energy Program at The Awakening Energy is a comprehensive 52-week course designed to initiate you into powerful spiritual practices, including Kundalini Activation, Spiritual Awakening, Tantra Energy, and Shaktipat. This all-in-one program offers both theoretical and practical training to help you achieve profound personal and spiritual transformation as well as to learn to help others!

Way more than just a quick Kundalini activation or Reiki course.

12 Month online training


Kundalini Activation Transmissions Lvl1&2

Tantric Transmissions and Energy orgasm facilitation LvL 1&2

Pranic ENergy Transmissions & REIKI LvL 1&2




KUNDALINI AWAKENING (If you choose to)


LEARN TO USE INTERNAL ALCHEMY (to control your energy levels and not just have an on off switch)



LEARN and USE SHADOW WORK (to release your mental constructs that hold you back)


(Yes this course should cost much more than it does!!!)

Over 150 videos plus Fortnightly, Training, Q&A and Activation Sessions plus a live 1 Week Intensive Initiation and specific Training via zoom

Integral Energy Program session

Join our comprehensive course and unlock your spiritual potential and get way more than just Kundalini Activation. Learn from a master energy worker to transform your life.

An Alchemical Mastery Course from the comfort of your own home!

If you wish to study with me privately getting the course plus 52 x 1 hour private sessions with me you can also do this.

You can also study The Integral Energy Program with me Privately

Within this private study we can also focus on:

Special Connections

Perhaps you are a person who has always had a special connection to something, being able to feel people, read thoughts, or have premonitions. This course will also help you understand these things, providing you with the tools to explore and develop your unique abilities further.

Support for ADD/ADHD

Many individuals with ADD or ADHD are drawn to energy work. Ashley Deeks (Skeed), who also has ADD, has extensive experience working with children and adults with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and similar conditions. These sessions can be customized to address these specific needs.

Magical Attraction:

For those who feel a unique, often unexplained magnetic or sexual attraction, these sessions can help you understand and control this energy more effectively. This is ideal for individuals who have never been able to get help with this aspect of their lives.

Other Reasons to study privately

Or simple for those who wish to study without anyone else knowing you have studied with me. My of me clients wish to remain private due to their “social status” or work.

In the private study method we can go much deeper not only working on your specific gifts but also open up with Shaktipat then:

Click here.

Discover the Path to Integral Energy

At The Awakening Energy, we believe in the profound transformation that comes from aligning your mind, body, and spirit. Our Integral Energy Program is designed for those who seek a deeper connection with themselves and the universe.

A Personal Invitation

We invite you to a complimentary one-hour call, a space dedicated to exploring your journey and answering any questions you may have about our Integral Energy Program. This conversation is not a sales call, but about understanding and clarity.

During our time together, we will:

  • Discuss your personal goals and aspirations.
  • Explore how the Integral Energy program can support your unique path.
  • Address any doubts or concerns with honesty and openness.

This call is for those who are truly interested and feel ready to embark on this transformative journey. Our approach is gentle and sincere, without hard sells pitches or super discounts. Please only do this also if you can afford the course and are will to make this investment in your education as we are not here to sell you anything yet we are also not here to waste our time or your time.

Connect with Us

If you have any questions about the course or would like to schedule your complimentary call, please email us at

You can also schedule a Zoom call with me directly. If you miss the call you will not get another chance so please make sure you can attend or reschedule at least 24 hours before. Book Your Call with Skeed here

We look forward to walking this path with you.

In peace and light,


As this course is online you can start whenever you wish.

The live sections of the course (via ZOOM) are available multiple times throughout the year so you can join once the preparatory work is complete. We also have bi-monthly Q&A and Activation sessions throughout the 12 months of the course.

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Course Overview

Why Choose the Integral Energy Program?

The Integral Energy Program offers a comprehensive course focused on Energy cultivation, healing, Kundalini awakening and self-discovery.

On top of just energy work, throughout the program, you’ll explore various practices such as breathwork, Tantra, and somatic bodywork and de-armouring, delving into shadow work and dismantling limiting beliefs as these are all Prats of the progress of awakening.

This is a profound exploration that requires dedicated inner energy work and a deep understanding of your shadows.

Certification will only be given once a level has been demonstrated as either an Initiate or and Adept once you feel ready for the tests via live online sessions. You will have a maximum of 12 months to prepare otherwise you will forfeit any certification without additional charges.

Experience the power of true dedication as you connect with your life force, unravel the complexities of the four energies, dismantle limiting ego programming, regulate your nervous system, and embrace living in your authentic truth.

If you embark on your path to truth through a variety of potent practices you may encounter partial awakenings and realizations along the way, it’s essential to distinguish these moments from the true essence of Kundalini energy, avoiding common pitfalls of bypassing and misinformation in the spiritual journey. While some may not wish to fully awaken the higher energies of Kundalini and Light Body others may wish to. Everyone’s path is different and all are accepted and respected.

Benefits of the Integral Energy Program

Discover the art of balancing and harmonizing your inner energies, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to unblock the flow of life force energy from the earth to the divine.

The Integral Energy Program is not just a course; it’s a holistic experience that blends self-practice, engaging group sessions, and personalized private sessions – all conveniently accessible from the comfort of your home through our online platform.

We focus on your individual journey and growth. Pursue energy transmission and awakenings with confidence, as you explore the delicate dance of balancing your energies and cultivating harmony within.

What you will learn in the Integral Energy Program

At The Integral Energy Program you initiate with an exploration of fundamental principles related to internal energy, progressing through the nuanced understanding and adept manipulation of energetic flows. The foundational stages involve the mastery of Prana and Tantra, constituting essential components in the holistic approach to energy work. Proficiency in these practices paves the way for acquiring skills in channeling and grounding energy—an innate ability often exercised unconsciously in daily life. Beyond the basic competencies of energy manipulation, we delve into the intricate dynamics of releasing duality and polarity.

The Integral Energy Program Curriculum

The Integral Energy Program curriculum extends to addressing aspects of the Ego and Karma, employing energy work alongside potent methodologies such as shadow work and somatic release for comprehensive personal transformation. Upon achieving proficiency in foundational practices and the art of energy manipulation, participants transition to a more advanced phase. Here, the focus intensifies on establishing a profound connection with source energy, synergizing Prana, Tantra, and Source.

The ensuing exploration centers on harnessing the formidable potential of Kundalini energy—a potent force that demands both reverence and caution. Mastery over body movements and the release of energetic blockages is emphasized as integral components facilitated through Prana and Tantra. The activation and awakening of Kundalini mark a transformative juncture, inducing experiences akin to psychedelic states, obviating the need for external substances.

Progressing beyond this stage, participants are guided into the exploration of the 6th-dimensional Light Body energy— These 4 energies are intricately linked with the classical elements embedded in diverse sacred traditions throughout history. These profound teachings, often obscured or esoteric, illuminate the interconnectedness of the human experience with spiritual dimensions, offering a comprehensive pathway towards heightened consciousness and self-realization.

Course Structure of the Integral Energy Program

Our Comprehensive Learning Journey spans many weeks, meticulously curated to accommodate individuals at every stage, from absolute beginners to those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of mastery. Each week unfolds new layers of knowledge and practice, ensuring your proficiency not only in awakening Kundalini but also in mastering the transformative energies inherent within. This is more than just a course; it’s your ticket to mastery!

Empower yourself with the skills and wisdom required to navigate true awakenings and harness the power of the four transformative energies. Transform into an energy adept and be able to help others transform too, being highly equipped to guide others along their unique spiritual paths.

Dynamic and growing, our program is not static; it’s a living, breathing entity that evolves with the wisdom of the ages. As we continually expand our knowledge base, you’ll stay at the forefront of spiritual exploration—always learning, always growing. Join us on this dynamic journey towards self-discovery and mastery, where each week unveils new dimensions of spiritual wisdom and practice.

Integral Energy Program


Master the Four Energies

Prana, Tantra, Kundalini, and Light Body energy — foundational pillars or elements of spiritual mastery.

In the Integral Energy Program you will intricately explore each of these energies, guiding you through a transformative journey encompassing understanding, activation, and ultimately, mastery. Imagine the boundless possibilities that unfold as you gain mastery over these energies.

From beginner to mastery, our program is designed to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and propel you towards profound mastery.

Already done some training? Many who take this course also have and wish to know more!

Are you currently a facilitator, yet find yourself navigating a sense of disorientation or suspect there’s still a reservoir of untapped energy within you?

Let’s be candid — has your Kundalini fully awakened, and do you genuinely comprehend what that experience should entail?

Can you skillfully control the flow of energy, or does your command over it resemble a simple on/off switch?

Are you aware that there’s a diverse array of energies at your disposal, beyond a singular type?

Ever envisioned experiencing energy orgasms at your command?

Whether you’re a complete beginner, contemplating these questions with a sense of curiosity and the realization that yes, you can embark on this journey—or if you’re already aware that this path is your calling and you’re eager to plunge into its depths swiftly—our program is tailored to meet you exactly where you are in your spiritual expedition.

Energy Transmission

Why Choose Our The Integral Energy Program?

Prana Energy

1. Unparalleled Expertise:

Benefit from our extensive expertise that spans a lifetime of practice and 26 years of dedicated exploration. We bring you a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that you receive the most comprehensive and advanced teachings available.

2. Holistic Curriculum:

Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of Light Body, Tantra, Prana, and Kundalini energies with modern applications. It is one of the most comprehensive programs available, providing you with a diverse range of techniques and insights for your clients.

3. Practical Skills:

Gain practical skills to facilitate Kundalini, Tantra, Prana, and Light Body Energy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced facilitator, our program equips you with the tools to help others on their spiritual journeys or enhance your own practice in a safe and structured manner.

4. Multicultural Approach:

Built from techniques originating from a multitude of cultures, our program embraces a holistic approach. We believe in the power of combining various spiritual traditions, creating a unique synthesis that transcends traditional boundaries. It was written that the sacred knowledge was broken up and encoded around the world so that it may one day be rediscovered. This program is a giant step in that direction.

5. Active Awakening Process:

To awaken your Kundalini is not a passive activity; it requires an active process involving both Pranic and Tantric energies. Our program guides you through the sequential activation of Prana, Tantra, and Kundalini, leading to the exploration of the fourth energy — Light Body energy.

6. Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Our course is light years ahead of the competition. While others are stuck in the old paradigm of favouring one energy over the other, we offer a dynamic and integrated approach that transcends limitations. Break free from the narrow confines of outdated ideologies – embrace a holistic path to spiritual mastery. Are you ready to elevate your spiritual practice and help others on their journey? Click the link to explore our comprehensive curriculum and start your transformative journey today!

This The Integral Energy Program course is in a laid back style without a hard structure so that you make take your time with each exercise and move through the first part of the course mastering each step before passing to the second and third parts.

This The Integral Energy Program course, for whatever reason, seems to attract people who are very powerful energetically as well as those who are just beginning. In a world where egos and teachers often see themselves as superior to their students, this course is designed to help you become your true self. Coming from a lineage of teachers spanning multiple generations, I find the greatest pleasure in seeing my students surpass me. A true coach or teacher always desires this for their students, and this will always be my aim: to help you reach your full potential.

To see The Integral Energy Program up to date Curriculum click the SEE MORE here button above.

What people say about this course and Skeed:

“This guy is the real deal!” C.

“He is more powerful than some gurus I have followed” Jane

“I am so glad I took this course rather than one 10 times the price this course has so much information and useful exercises” Mel.

“This is the third energy course I have taken, the others are not a patch on this” T.

“People who think they can learn energy in a weekend have no idea, Skeed teaches you so much more and with practice all so easy to do!!!” Danni.

“THIS IS TRUE MAGICK!!! im shocked sometimes, but i shouldn’t be! this is so beautiful and profound. I can listen to it over and over and it makes me cry for all different reasons. I feel like im in an ancient ritual in a cathedral. Its so complete and luxurious…. like this is the read deal.” Cali

“Thanks to your videos, I am learning to navigate to the source. Your energy is powerful as always, thank you. <3” H.

I was absolutely amazed with yesterdays session. I don’t really remember if you shared any specific details what was it targeting, but if nothing else is to be said about it… I have to say at least this: For me, it was magical! When we were applying for the sessions, there was a question about what we are expecting of the sessions or sth. like it and I wrote that I would like to know what freedom feels like. It might sound strange, but it is what it is!

So yesterday, the feeling of freedom and joy was felt throughout my body while the energies were flowing. It almost felt like energies were playfully chasing each other on the inside of my body…and I shouldn’t forget the feeling of brain massage closer to the end of the session. That was amazing as well and quite unexpected. I felt extremely joyful and definitely free. It was in a way hard to understand/comprehend that feeling to be quite honest. …such lightness.

So I am writing you to thank you, and to let you know how extremely grateful I am to be able to participate. You are an amazing human!” Katarina