About Skeed

Skeed has always been uniquely attuned to the energies around him, sensing things throughout his life without knowing the names of his gifts. Perhaps the correct terms for his abilities are Siddha or Tantrik. From a young age, Skeed experienced the world through the lenses of dyslexia and ADD, giving him a distinctive perspective. He realized early on that conventional methods weren’t necessarily the best or most efficient.

This understanding led Skeed on a lifelong journey of investigation and discovery. From the age of 14 to 18, he struggled with years of depression until his first major awakening experience brought new light into his life. This pivotal moment occurred in 1997 at Monte Cervino in Italy, one of the world’s most naturally powerful places, near a natural pyramid.

This awakening ignited Skeed’s path to discovery and self-realization. Over the past several decades, he has recognized his innate ability to transmit the energy of Chi or Prana, Shakti and Shiva, Kundalini, tantra, and light body or auric energy. Skeed sought out teachers from diverse backgrounds, dedicating more than 25 years to research, taking numerous courses to deepen his understanding and qualifications.

Skeed’s quest has always been to find the true source of knowledge, rather than conforming to conventional teachings. He combines wisdom from various disciplines and cultures, continuously seeking knowledge hidden in plain sight. Despite multiple awakenings throughout his life, Skeed remains committed to his journey, aiming to help others along their own paths.

With a profound connection to spiritual energies and a wealth of experience, Skeed continues to guide and inspire those seeking transformation and enlightenment.