Spiritual & Kundalini Awakening and Beyond

As you step into our virtual haven, you will be enveloped by a nurturing energy, beckoning you to explore the depths of your soul. Through the serene ambiance of our sessions, you will embark on an inner voyage of self-discovery and growth, where every emotion and sensation is met with care and understanding.


Ashley Deeks aka Skeed

Skeed is a teacher, healer, and energy worker, his energy research and work spans 26+ years. Having been awake since birth and always being different his expertise in the realms of spirituality, energy, and holistic well-being has made him into a true expert in his field.

Skeed’s unique approach to working with the 5 elemental Energies of the Life Force for healing and transformation through Prana, Tantra, Kundalini and Light Body has enabled him to work with experts, facilitators, trainers, coaches, therapists, other professionals and celebrities many more over the years.

Skeed’s vision and groundbreaking work has enabled him to combine and refine systems from many different cultures and philosophies making what he does unique.


Private and group online energy sessions

Each session combines powerful energy work techniques and transmissions to allow you to release emotions and de-armour, while facilitating healing, growth, and transformation. We also have Tantric orgamsic energy healing sessions.


The Integral Energy Program

This is a 52 week course where you can learn and master then energies for yourself. Starting from the basics it helps you to not only master your own energy but to be able to facilitate this energy to others.

The Integral Energy Program plus Exclusive Private Sessions

Here you get everything within the course plus 52 x 1 hour private sessions with me personally.

In the private study method we can go much deeper not only working on your specific gifts but also open up with Shaktipat and beyond then click here. This has a cost of 5000€ (5400 US$ approx)

Mini Course

This is a short course to allow to to learn to connecting to your energy, to your true essence.

The Awakening Energy School

A online school set up to help you develop your energy skills.

This with practice goes way beyond any spiritual or Kundalini activation or awakening.