The Awakening Energy School

Learn to Use Your Energy

Much like an online school for martial arts, Tantra or Magick school our energy school has been created to help you go deeper into the energy

The school has different levels for different people; however, everyone must start at the beginning.

Together, we will journey from the basics of internal alchemy through prana (or chi), tantric energies, kundalini energies, mental energies, and beyond.

By developing these energies, we will discover over time the world of the Siddhis, astral projection, channeling, remote viewing, and more. While it may take some more than others to walk these paths, we can all begin to open ourselves up to more.

The day people have their first shared group vision journey is always a truly eye-opening experience. This takes time as the group has to attune their energies first; however, it is a very worthwhile experience.

By developing these energies will will discover the world of the Siddhis, astral projection, channelling, remote viewing and more. While it make take some more than others to walk these paths we can all begin to ope ourselves up to more.

As you can see we are talking about much more than just a spiritual or Kundalini awakening.

This is not a course aimed at teaching you to become an energy healer; we already offer such a course. Instead, this is a school crafted to guide you towards realising your potential beyond what you may have previously imagined.

Yoga overlooks this, qi gong overlooks this, as over time, the most profound teachings have become obscured. While we may incorporate techniques from these systems, our focus is on connecting with energies, both internal and external.

Classes and levels will commence at various dates throughout the year.

If you wish to join the school to get dates for level one please contact me at:

As for the price I do not wish to turn anyone away just because they cannot afford to take the course. You may find as we work your finances somehow magically improve. As this happens we would ask you to recognises this and thus perhaps pay a little more than at the beginning.

We hold sessions weekly, with energy transmission sessions and conversations about energy and internal alchemy.

The general price for the school is set at US$ 60 or €60 per month. However if you cannot truly afford this price please contact us so we can arrange a lower price that you can afford. As no one should not have to be turned away due economical situations.