De-Armouring Emotional Release Bodywork

De-armouring emotional release bodywork is a somatic process that aims to release physical, emotional, and energetic blockages in the body by using the body’s subtle rhythms applying pressure and energy to certain points or areas either physically or energetically.

It is the beginning to a real spiritual path. Lessening the need

for shadow work which can be tricky even at the best of times.

Individuals access, process and release past traumas and emotions, and increase their capacity for positive living through pleasurable and emotional connection.

These processes can be very powerful and only need to happen once. Once a trauma or emotion has been released from the root point in body then it has been released.

Reactions while releasing can include crying, shouting, shaking, internal “sexual” pleasurable sensations. These techniques are all Tantric or Taoist yet also Shamanic in nature which help individuals access and process repressed emotions and traumas. This is no just for people suffering depression, anxiety, auto immune problems or PTSD it is for everyone as we all have emotional blocks due to trauma or our education.

The therapist guides you through the process of identifying and releasing difficult emotions, helping them to acknowledge and work through feelings such as anger, sadness, grief, or fear. The goal of this somatic de-armouring and emotional release bodywork is to help individuals release pent-up emotions and gain insight into how their emotions impact their thoughts and behaviours, which can facilitate personal and spiritual growth and healing.

In other words it helps you release blocks to regain your sovereignty and your true self to then be able to master life.

Yes one question many people ask about, it can also create what is called an energy orgasm. An energy orgasm is a type of orgasm that is experienced without physical stimulation. However this is not the purpose of this therapy if may be a effect of it however. The energy orgasm is often associated with various spiritual and tantric practices that aim to help individuals cultivate and harness their sexual energy for personal and spiritual growth. Some people also use the term “full-body orgasm” to describe a similar experience of intense pleasure that is not limited to genital sensations. However, it is important to note that energy orgasm may not be achievable or desirable for everyone, and individuals should always approach these practices with caution and respect for their own boundaries and comfort levels.

De-armouring is a powerful process to help ready the body and mind and can help one one the path of Kundalini Awakening as well as to simply realign yourself within you. Without fully de-armouring yourself you can never truly be a master.

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