Online course: Light Body Activation Facilitator Course: From Zero to Awakening

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“Ignite Your Inner Light: Master Light Body Energy Activation and Transform Lives!”

“Yes, a Joe nobody teaches what even some Gurus can’t, and you will be able to do it too!”

Are you a facilitator yet still feel lost in many aspects of your Light Body Activation Journey or even don’t really know what this is about or how to control the energy or do not know there is more than one type of energy and levels of energy? Perhaps you are a complete beginner but already know this is the path for you? We do not sell you shock and awe demo videos, as this is not what an awakening is about!

Transformational Journey – Our Light Body Activation Facilitator Course takes you on a transformational journey from zero knowledge to the possibility of a full awakening of this powerful spiritual energy within you. So whether you have no experience or are already a facilitator this course will most likely have something to offer you. Embark on a unique journey from zero to Light Body awakening with our expert-guided course.

Holistic Approach – Unlike other courses, we offer a holistic approach to Light body activation, incorporating not just a few days of activations and meditation with little theoretical knowledge to keep you and your future clients safe. We also offer easy to understand theory, practical techniques, meditation, and mindfulness and other practices helping you learn to control the energy and not just have an on off switch. Experience a holistic approach that blends theory, practice, and mindfulness techniques.

Expert Guidance – Learn from an experienced energy master with decades of practice and teaching experience, ensuring you receive the most authentic and reliable guidance. No bells and whistles! Just quality content!

Safe and Supportive Environment – We prioritize your safety and well-being throughout the awakening process, providing a supportive community and we do not just sell you the “this is safe” and “you are special nonsense”. Prioritize safety and support with a nurturing community and instruction.

Comprehensive Curriculum – Our course covers the entire spectrum of Light Body activation with modern applications, built from many years of study of many different cultures and systems, making it one of the most comprehensive programs available. Explore the complete spectrum of Light Body activation and practical applications.

Real-World Application – Gain practical skills to facilitate Light Body activation sessions, enabling you to help and coach others to embark on their spiritual journeys or enhance your own practice in a safe and structured manner. So it does not have to just be lie down and receive. Obtain the skills to facilitate Light Body awakening sessions for personal growth and helping others.

Community based Progression – We recognize that everyone’s Light Body journey is unique. Our course adapts to your pace, ensuring you can progress comfortably and confidently with a private community group to be able to help you when you need it.

Inclusivity and Diversity – We embrace diversity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds and belief systems, fostering a rich and inclusive learning environment. We know given the time and effort everyone can do this and do not offer this only to a select few for undisclosed reasons. (This being said if you have and mental health issues you will need to get authorisation from your medical health specialists first).

Certification and Recognition – Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification as a Light Body Activation Medium.

Ongoing Support – Join our alumni network and gain access to exclusive resources, workshops, and continued guidance to deepen your practice and stay connected with the Light Body community.

Ethical and Responsible Teaching – We prioritize ethical practices and responsible teaching, ensuring you understand the responsibilities that come with facilitating Light Body awakening experiences.

Timeframe – We prioritize the unique aspects of your Light Body Activation and Awakening and its benefits for both personal growth and the potential to help others on their spiritual journeys. We also recognise everyone’s journey will be different so we put no time restraints on access to our course or community group. This also means as we add new content to the course you will also be able to access this future information.

Watch this space for more information about this upcoming course. It will be available in both English and Spanish and hopefully subtitled into a range of other languages…..

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